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decorative ceiling tiles

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Aluminum Ceiling Tiles

Armor - Aluminum Ceiling Tile - #0302 - $11.79

Savannah Square - Aluminum Ceiling Tile - #2402 - $11.79

Art Deco Triangles - Aluminum Ceiling Tile - #2403 - $11.79

Floating Geometry - Aluminum Ceiling Tile - #2404 - $11.79

Opening Act - Aluminum Ceiling Tile - #2405 - $11.79

Queen Anne Lace - Aluminum Ceiling Tile - #2406 - $11.79

Romanesque - Aluminum Ceiling Tile - #2407 - $11.79

Baroque - Aluminum Ceiling Tile - 24"x24" - #2408 - $11.79

Checkered Deco - Aluminum Ceiling Tile - #1205 - $11.79

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